Assurance Financial, Rocket Mortgage and More Talk Sports Marketing

Assurance Financial CEO and President, Kenny Hodges, was featured in an article by National Mortgage News on the mortgage industry’s increasing alignment with sports brands.

“From bass fishing to the Super Bowl, lenders see a large pool of consumers they can reach through athletic sponsorships.

“When you’re in a college town – in general – those colleges are one of the biggest employers. They’re really the main show in town,” said Kenny Hodges, CEO and President of Assurance Financial. His company has established business partnerships with the athletic departments at Louisiana State University, located in Assurance’s home base of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as well as with the University of Alabama, University of South Carolina and University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

The sponsorships also provide a natural link between a company and younger consumers ready to enter the workforce, who frequently settle near their alma mater. A lender’s association helps create top-of-mind awareness among them as they begin their careers and enter the home-buying age.

“If you can get behind those types of schools, and show your support, we hope it means something to our customers and to our referral partners,” Hodges said.”